There are many fascinating ways that help us reconnect with the Mother of Life, the Great Goddess, for us to live and experience our lives from a place of more love, joy and purpose.

Three of these paths I have had the pleasure to practice and enjoy over many years and I would like to introduce them to you: Three-Rays-Meditation, Rainbow Reiki® and Lemurian Tantra. I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Three-Rays-Meditation (TRM) is a very powerful combination of deep meditation, mystical energy work, spiritual healing and becoming whole again.

The interaction between the Creative Force, the spiritual power of the Sacred Masculine and the spiritual power of the Sacred Feminine helps us to get closer to our own divine being.

The growing experience with this meditation helps us to realise our soul path here on planet Earth and gives us a deep insight into the mysteries of life and the Divine Order.

Rainbow Reiki® – that is astonishing energy work that everybody can easily learn and immediately use for themselves and others in their everyday lives.

It is about profound relaxation, balance and harmony, a tangible experience on a physical, emotional as well as spiritual level.

The focus is on you, your life, your uniqueness, your needs and your soul path.

Would you like to get to know yourself anew? Feel more comfortable in your body, in your life? Leave certain experiences behind and make new ones? Then you just have to start applying it.

Tantra – All is One. What is here, is everywhere. What is not here, is nowhere. Enjoying the gentle vibration of sensuality as another foundation of our daily existence. Accomplishing matters of everyday life from a place of love, joy and pleasure.

Tantra – that is immersing yourself in liveliness, lust and relationships of all kinds in a spiritual way, also a healthy relationship with yourself. Learn to accept yourself as a loving partner to bring this quality into your sensuality and sexuality.

It also means to face the fears and doubts, the guilt and shame that have been anchored in us through the patriarchal system we have been living in for so long. The time has come for a life full of pleasure; to reinvent it in a new, creative and individual way.